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X-Mind AC/DC


Our Price £POA

Voyager Dental are able to supply, install and service the current Satelec X-Mind AC/DC X-Ray sets, offering you great savings.

Reliability of the X-Mind AC and DC Generators


The X-MIND AC® and DC® generators are renowned for their reliability along with their consistent performance.

Two beam limitation devices made of lead and the expansion chamber ensure maximum protection for the practitioner and his personnel


Short exposure time with X-Mind DC Generator


Exposure times with the X-MIND DC generator are reduced when used with digital sensors.


Programmable user defined timer


With the X-MIND timer, the micro-processor controlled exposure times are user-defined and programmable. The timer is compatible with digital imaging systems and can control two AC and/or DC generators alternatively.


- Very high quality


- Two X-MIND AC and/or DC generators can be controlled by a single timer


- Rotation at 395° around the vertical axis


- Better protection due to a high focus-to-skin distance


- Programmable timer



X-Mind Timer


Microprocessor-controlled, exposure time can be customised and programmed, one key allows you to switch immediately from conventional intra-oral X-ray to digital X-ray. Pre-programmed keys for special pictures.


X-Mind Generators


Are fitted with long cones recommended for the parallel technique. A short cone for the bisector technique or a rectangular cone that reduces the rays applied to the patient’s skin by 50%, are available as options.


Satelec X-Mind Unity


Discover X-MIND UNITY™, successor of X-MIND DC™, the famous bullet-proof intraoral unit. With its elegant style coupled with the cutting edge patented ACE technology, X-MIND UNITY raises the standard of an X-ray generator to a  new level. Total accuracy and patient protection are what no other X-ray system has been able to achieve until now.


X-Mind Unity


Our Price £POA

The unity can be used with any digital system- sensor or phosphor plate.


Regardless of the amount of radiation emitted by the generator, the SOPIX sensor only uses the optimal dose required for a quality image.


The X-Mind Unity has been designed with 0.4mm focal spot and has several settings:

- The anodic voltage (60, 65 and 70kV)

- The anodic current ( From 4 to 7 mA)

0.4mm focal spot

- Less radiation

- Anti vibration and anti-movement mechanism

- 3 arm lengths available: Short, Standard & Long

Supply Voltage: 100-240V