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Neo Basic Unit

Elegant and compact design


The ergonomic and elegant design of the Neo dental treatment unit makes your practice more functional and convenient than ever before.

Hygienic, easy-to-clean surfaces


Flush surfaces and seamless upholsteries make cleaning and disinfection easier and ensure good hygiene. The instrument bridge and suction head can be equipped with removable hygiene covers that are easy to disinfect.

Extensive movement range


The extensive movement range of the Neo’s arms ensures easy, comfortable operation and good work ergonomics. There are plenty of adjustment options to further ensure comfort.

Everything within reach


Instruments, trays, suction head, and cuspidor are all easy to reach and adjustable according to the needs of the dentist, the patient and the requirements of the current treatment.

Fimet Neo Series Mondo

F1 Mondo

F1 Mondo Series

F1 Mondo


Designed for simply doing its job and doing it well, the F1 Mondo answers a need for great value with lower costs. The F1 Mondo is durable, reliable and effortless to work with. Further, the F1 Mondo is extremely easy to maintain and service.


The modern and sleek design of the F1 Mondo appeals to dental professionals worldwide and provides excellent work ergonomics and hygienic features. The F1 Mondo simply offers more for less!